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Commercial law, Corporate law

We are focused on consulting in the creation and establishing all types of companies and creating necessary supporting documents. We carry out all operations relating to the establishment of companies, including contacts with trade licensing offices and commercial registers, where our clients are present. We offer a complete service by internal changes in companies (location change, statutory body, partners, etc.), by changes of company legal form, merger, fusion, division, dissolution and liquidation. We help to organize general meetings and the preparation of related documents.

Lawyers´ office provides complete legal services in organizing the general assembly, which includes:

  • document and material preparations which are related to the meeting, especially the invitation to the General Assembly, creation of the business reports of the General Assembly and the list of attending partners or shareholders, copy of the decision of one partner/shareholder executing power of the General Assembly

  • assure the participation of a notary if the law requires

  • copy of necessary documents for registration of accepted changes in the Commercial Register, or other official registers and representation in process before Commercial Register

  • filing petitions with the Trade Register and Commercial Register in electronic form by using guaranteed electronic signature, allowing the client to pay only half of the regular amount of administrative fees

  • We provide legal advice regarding preparation, execution and assessment of various types of contracts. We help by causes solving arissed from contractual and other commercial contractual relationships.

    We process the legal analysis and audits to acquisitions, projects and due diligence.

    We offer debt recovery by legal and also out of court way, application of rights by claim and representation in court and enforcement proceedings.

    Civil law

    Our office pleads clients in all types of legal proceedings according the Code of Civil Procedure and Civil Code. We draw client claims on court and plead them in court. We provide legal advice and work out sales, donation and other contracts. We provide legal advice by settlement of shared ownership and tenancy by entirety, secure complete legal service by devise and lease of property including the provision of valuation by a court expert.

    We provide legal services in the field of inheritance law including writing of testaments, instrument of disinheritance and representing clients in disputes related with inheritance procedure. We provide legal services in cases of compensatory damages and unjustified enrichment.

    We establish civil associations and perform changes at clients’ request.


    Administrative law

    We provide legal assistance in the field of administrative law and infringement law and further
    • Plead throughout the whole complex of administrative procedures
      • Representation in proceedings for judicial review of public authority decisions
      • Representation in proceedings to review of public authorities process lawfulness
    • Building law (application for a plannig permission procedure and building permit procedure)
    • Cadastral law
    • Environmental law
    • Waste management law
    • Customs law
    • Foreign exchange law
    • Tax and financial law


    Labour law

    We work out contracts in the field of labour law (collective contracts of employment, working regulations, management contracts, employment contracts), provide legal advice on termination of employment and labour dispute solutions. We represent clients to the court in cases of labour disputes and prepare all necessary documents related to labour law.


    Family law

    We plead our clients particularly by divorces, modification of the interaction between parents and children including the process of maintenance and adoption. We successfully plead clients in proceedings about determination and renunciation of paternity. The law office provides the writing of all types of parenting agreements that do not require court approval, backward recovery of maintenance in the enforcement proceedings and provides legal advice on the replacement of maintenance by Law. No 452/2004 Z.z. about maintenance compensation.


    Criminal law

    We write suggestions and announcements about suspicion of committing a crime. We develop complaints with client cooperation. We defend clients in all stages of criminal proceedings; represent victims in criminal proceedings and possible subsequent civil proceedings about compensatory damages.

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